Dubai recovery service

Get roadside assistance when you need it most. Pick up your phone, call, and we’ll have a car rescue expert with you as soon as possible – sometimes within the hour! We offer vehicle recovery anywhere in Dubai. And we give you complete 24-hour recovery – because we know it’s never a good time to need car assistance, but it’s always a good time to call us when you do…

Wherever you are, whenever you find yourself in need of roadside recovery, we’ll be there. You can use our vehicle recovery service for any form of motor transport: Cars and sports cars, Motorbikes and Van recovery and transportation.

You’ll always be sent a fully trained, highly experienced and completely insured vehicle recovery professional to assist you. It’ll take around 10-20 minutes for them to load your vehicle. We can then deliver it to wherever you need it to go. Whether that’s to your home because you’ve just purchased it. Or to the nearest or your local garage so they can repair it. Tell us what you need when you call. We’ll transport your vehicle wherever you need it to be.